Skip the parabens, chemicals and synthetic ingredients in liquid mask. No preservatives needed in dry mask. This blend includes camu camu powder, the most potent form of vitamin c. Vitamin c in powdered form keeps its potency and holds its stability. With this "dry" formula, superb vitamin c efficacy is delivered when you add water. Other all-natural ingredients include luxury clays, lavender petals, lavender essential oil and goats milk. Due to frequent shaving, masking is an excellent step for men.

Spatula included.

Approx. seven single-use applications included.

Using included spatula, add three scoops (no more than a teaspoon combined) to a separate container, JUST ADD WATER to make a paste to your desired consistency. Add to face and decollete. Allow paste to sit on face between 10-25 minutes or before tightening is intense. Rinse with lukewarm water working dried mask off in circular motion with hands, pat to damp skin, add toner, then moisturize.

4 oz. Dry Facial Mask with Vitamin C, Goats Milk

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  • Zinc Oxide, Rhassoul Clay, Vitamin C, Goat's Milk, Lemon Peel Powder