Turn Bath-time into Spa-time...

No Lines and No Reservation needed?  Social Distance is required   to Relax and Unwind.


Your Personal Spa includes:


1)A beautiful PETALS BAR SOAP, made from plant-derived oils and butters,and Kaolin clay, An ultra silky and gentle lather with nice slip and a clean rinse, leaving your natural oils intact!


2) BODY SCRUB that is sure to "Wow" your senses!

Our skin-loving blend of Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Rose calms your thoughts, while the combination of cranberry seeds and sugar exfoliates unwanted dead skin, reveiling a softer you!


3) BATH SALT BLEND ...the soothing synergy of Essential oils,  Himalayan Salt and Epsom (magnesium) Salt go well beyond relieving stress, but can help improve skin's hydration while imparting skin-loving minerals.

Complimentary Face Towel included.


Treat Yourself Daily to your own Personal Spa!


Whipped Body Buttah included in Fall Months due to heat sensitivity.