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Skin-nurturing Calendula and Rosemary Herb Infused Trauma oil blend helps synthesize our solid "Unwind" pushup, along with essential oils as the lifeline of our analgesic muscle rub.  To name a few life-giving essentials oils chosen for our blend... warming and analgesic Black Pepper essential oil stars as a rubefacient, inducing local circulation, breaking up tension, causing movement, and very useful for Rheumatic pain,  Pain relieving yet cooling Pepperment essential oil has a natural affinity to nerve pain and is perfect for local relief, while Juniper Berry essential oil, also a circulatory stimulant as well as an antispasmodic, lends anti-rheumatic components playing a supporting role with anti-inflammatory aid all while emotionally balancing Helichrysim essential oil, my "She-ro" nourishes one's psyche, as we all know, pain can be exhausting.


How to use:  On clean dry skin, Massage "Unwind" solid onto area needing pain relief.  Once solid is applied, Gently massage into skin to allow essential oils/rub to penetrate skin.  Do not rinse off.  Apply as needed.


$8.00 includes one 1 oz .

Unwind Joint & Muscle Rub

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